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Discover Ember 2

by Tristan Edwards Tristan Edwards

"Once you know how to write Ember apps, you will immediately feel like a superstar web developer!"

The Ember framework is quickly evolving into becoming one of the top choices for developers who want to build ambitious web applications. 

What makes Ember.js stand out from the rest of the front-end competition is the adoption of the same "convention before configuration"-mindset that made Ruby on Rails so popular a few years ago. The tools in Ember are incredibly powerful and valuable once you get the hang of them, but the path to get there can be frustrating when you don't know all of its caveats.

The reason I made this tutorial is because when I started out with Ember myself, I often got stuck and wished there was some guide to help me. Let's face it, building yet another todo-list isn't enough to make you feel comfortable with a new framework, especially not one designed for ambitious applications. 

With the recent 2.0 release, I think there's no better time to start learning than today! Ember has improved significantly from where it was only a year ago and many recent changes have transformed it into a truly beautiful framework.

In this course, we will build a Twitter-like application called "Chirper". We will go through everything you need to know starting from the installation process, and going all the way to the deployment stage. By the end, you should feel confident enough to be able to write more or less any type of Ember application in the future. 

In order to complete this course you should have some basic understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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Tristan Edwards

Tristan is a designer and web geek who's been developing Ember apps professionally for more than two years. He's also a big fan of open source and has created popular libraries like SweetAlert.

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