Saw Thinkar Nay Htoo

It seems, plug Guardian.Plug.Pipeline, module: Messengyr.Guardian, error_handler: MessengyrWeb.ChatController is needed in router.ex. Otherwise, it will give error_handler not set in Guardian pipeline Error.

Eric Chua

thanks :) added within the pipeline :browser and it works

Diemesleno Souza Carvalho

Here the same, we use: MessengyrWeb.ChatView and MessengyrWeb, :view

Diemesleno Souza Carvalho

Now we use MessengyrWeb.ChatController

Diemesleno Souza Carvalho

And use MessengyrWeb, :controller

Diemesleno Souza Carvalho

Now the correct is: MessengyrWeb.LayoutView

Braun Andreas

Thank you, works for me!

Peter Marreck

shouldn't this be <img src="<%= avatar(@conn) %>" /> (with doublequotes)?

Tristan Edwards

@peter-marreck: Indeed, that would be more correct. It seems like it works without them too though. :)

Peter Marreck

Note for Rails veterans: The = before the if, else and end is necessary for some reason (in Rails it would not be since it's just logic) otherwise nothing outputs