C programming

C is the grandfather of all programming languages.

If you want to become a programmer and work on innovative projects that push the boundaries of what a computer can do, you’ve probably heard that you should really learn C. The reason for this is that the C programming language powers just about everything around us that’s digital – your operating system, your browser, all the SQL databases that you interact with on your favorite websites… In fact, even most other programming languages that developers use are themselves built in C! At this point, it is clear that understanding the C programming language not only teaches you the fundamentals of programming, but also how a computer works on a deeper level. If you’re the kind of person who want to understand more about what goes on behind the curtains, this course is for you.

About Rickard Borg

I am a 20 year old programming enthusiast! I'm studying infomation technology at university and I have been interested in technology since I was i child!