Lesson 1

Hello LESS


Hello there,

Welcome in the very interesting world called the Internet. Probably, you know what HTML is, and that you can give your elements a Style with CSS. However, CSS is old an you need to write very much unnecessary lines of code. LESS is there to rescue you!

Actually, LESS isn't a executable code. Not for your browser. It can't process it like it processes CSS. LESS is made in Javascript. No, not the code, but the translation. Everything you make in LESS will be transformed to CSS. A File called less.js will do that.

Before you start this small basic course where not all aspects of LESS will feature itself, you should know the following things to follow this Course.

  1. You need to have knowledge of HTML.

  2. You need to have knowledge in CSS, a part of HTML.

  3. You need some patience.

When you're ready to fire up your knowledge and start using LESS, go to part 2 - Implementing LESS.



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